The Boy Has Thrown His Heart Into the River

A poem in Hazaragi by Kamran Mir Hazar Subtitled in English, German, Spanish, Kurdish, Romanian, Portuguese, and French Click on the video setting and select the subtitle.


A poem for Juan Rulfo By Kamran Mir Hazar Mexico: Someone is committing suicide, Someone is mending sacks under an October moon, Someone has returned to Talpa de Allende. Mexico: Open the windows, Someone is carrying a coffee tray, Offering coffee cup by cup, Someone has released the collar of his shirt, Ready to pass through […]

Virus Writing, a Poem by Kamran Mir Hazar

A poem by Kamran Mir Hazar 1.  Writing viruses And electronic labyrinths With a blackout and no computer In a rented house, at seven thousand a month; Kabul, the capital! What silly poem is this? You ask yourself, is poetry the same lonely words that wander in electronic corridors, Cut off from their existence, Thrown […]